Frequently Asked Questions

– How does this process work?

Hit the Contact button at the top and fill out the form. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for the work. Please include make, model and a picture if you have one.

– How should I ship my knife?

You may ship your knife via any of the major shipping companies to the address provided. Please wrap your knife in newspaper or some sort of wrapping paper. USPS is the service I use for all my shipping. Their Priority service delivers in 2-3 days. I have found it works best to make it so your knife does not move around in the box.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is currently at 1 month. For just sharpening the turnaround time is a week.

– How will my knife be shipped back to me?

I will ship your knife back to you via USPS Priority Insured. Your knife will  be wrapped and securely taped in a flat rate small, medium or tube box depending on size. Shipping will be quoted along with the work. International orders will also be shipped USPS.

– How do I sharpen my knife?

I suggest  that all my customers learn how to properly strop a knife. Once you have it down, a couple leather strops with different compounds will make maintaining your edge a breeze. If you don’t feel comfortable sharpening I will sharpen your knife for free. Just pay the shipping.

Will you convex just the edge and leave the coating?

Yes, depending on the knife about a 1/4″-1/2″ of steel will be exposed leaving the coating on the upper part.

Will you sharpen my kitchen knives?

Yes, I will even sharpen your Ginsu knives.

– How do you sharpen and satin?

I use a variable speed belt grinder and work my way up in grits while making sure to never over heat the edge. I constantly dunk the blade in a bucket of water so the blade stays cool. I will sharpen your knife according to the desired use you have for it. Some people want a thicker edge for chopping and others a thinner edge for slicing.

 – Why convex?

A convex edge in my opinion is the best overall edge you can put put on a knife. They are easy to maintain and can get very sharp with minimal effort. In my experience convex edges have performed better across the board. Convex edges are stronger and more durable than a standard V grind. Convex edges really shine when there is no secondary bevel from the spine down. Commonly called a zero edge convex or fully convexed. The reason for this is there is no secondary bevel for the material being cut to catch on. 

What color liners are available and how thick are they?

Liners are available in red, blue, green, yellow, black, gray and white. They range in thickness from .020″-.040″.




7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. These knives are just damn beautiful to look at and I would imagine fantastic to use. One of these days I’d love to have this done. Nate, you do stunning work to these blades I’m extremely happy you sent me this link!!

  2. Nate does some really nice work. I had to sell my one and only Nate worked blade but I have plans for a couple to head his way over the summer. Keep up the great work, and love the updates here.

  3. Thanks for the invite Nate. My first Busse was done by Nate and it’s one of two that I would never get rid of. Beautiful work!

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