What Customers are saying

If you have had work done by me feel free to write a short review below on your experience.


22 thoughts on “What Customers are saying

  1. Nate has worked on over 20 of my rarest, most coveted, and most valuable knives without a single hiccup of any kind. I am very particular about my modifications (maybe even a little obsessive compulsive), and Nate is 100% receptive to my requests. The turnaround is amazingly quick, the rates are very reasonable, and Nate is truly a surgeon with a belt sander! If you are looking for knife mods, basic and advanced, from a trustworthy and experienced craftsman…look no further. If anyone is in doubt and needs to hear this in person, feel free to contact me.

  2. I’ve had work done by Nate on two occasions. I had an S30 folder convexed and sharpened and I had an SR swamp warden stripped, convexed and sharpened.

    The folder was a ZT 0300 with a nitride coated, s30 blade. I had dinged and dulled the blade after some hard use. I sent it to Nate to be reprofiled and sharpened. It came back with a laser sharp convexed edge with a mirror finish and zero imperfections.

    The Swamp Warden started life as a black cg coated SR101 blade. It went directly to Nate. It came back with a complete mirror satin finish. All edges beautifully polished and rounded. The cutting edge, again was a laser sharp convex profile. Shiny perfection from end to end.

  3. A while back Busse Combat came out with what I thought would be the perfect knife for me, the BOSS Street. I decided upon receiving it that the size and feel of the blade were perfect, it just wasn’t complete. I had seen Nate’s work for a period of time on the forums and always admired it so I felt that this would be the perfect blade to send to him. What can I say, the knife came back to me with a superb frosty satin finish and razor sharp convex edge and the Busse logo was still intact, as if it I got it from the factory that way. Turn around time as fast, service was great and workmanship second to none. I want to thank Nate again for completing the perfect knife for me and I am looking forward to sending more his way.

  4. Nate has done work on one knife for me. Getting ready to send another to him as well. He does some impressive work.

    I sent him a busse to work on. He put a zero convex edge on it. I had him remove the sabre grind, which I’m not a fan of. He removed the Busse dimples as well. The blade was absolutely perfect after he was finished with it. Beautiful satin finish and extremely sharp. I’d recommend Nate’s work to anyone,,,

  5. Nate did a complete satin and convex on an NMFBM Busse chopper for me,and also on a Busse BWM. The satin on both were unbelievable and the convex edges were hair poppin’.
    Best thing about Nate is that he continues to improve himself. Everytime I see his work,it’s better than what he did in the past. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

  6. Nate removed a thumb ramp and did a full satin convex on a Scrapyard S5 LE for me. Very symmetrical, beautiful finish, and a super edge. He also radiused (domed) the spine for comfort. The handles were removed and replaced to make the job indistinguishable from factory work, and the handle fits snug and looks like it came from the Busse shop. Couldn’t be happier.

  7. I recently got into the world of higher quality knives, gaining both an understanding and appreciation of what goes into a GOOD knife. After purchasing several higher quality blades, I found the Swamp Rat RMD (ratmandu) and fell in love with it.

    I own several different color combos of this incredibly balanced and comfortable knife, but I knew I needed one of them to stand out from the rest; to be the pinnacle of what this knife had to offer. So I contacted Nate.

    Anyone can sharpen a knife. Anyone (almost) can reprofile a blade or put a high polish finish on a knife. Nate reinvents the knife with a convex blade so sharp, so perfectly contoured, you have to see it (and use it) to truly appreciate his craftsmanship. And the best part was Nate would email me, telling me what part of the process he was on, keeping me informed the entire way. He will be getting more of my blades soon.

    Do yourself a favor if you’re reading this or contemplating this: let Nate bring out the best in your knife.

  8. Nate is an excellent grindsmith and produces surgical sharp mirrored-convex edges and excellent finishes. Many production knives I but these days don’t even come sharp in my opinion. Send one off to Nate and you have to be careful fondling the returned knife. SWRK Ratmandu is my favorite medium sized fixed blade and Nate put a satin finish on mine with a mirrored-convex and Torx bolts. Now that the handles are removable I can maintenence the entire blade after use with worry of particles sitting in between steel and handle. Nates services are also reasonable for what you are getting in return. I’m sure Nate will be making his own knives someday, if not already.

  9. The term “scary sharp” is usually hyperbole….unless your knife has been sharpened by Nate.

    I have two BW Mistresses and a BATAC that were “satinized” and convexed by Nate and I could not be happier with the results! Besides doing fantastic work, Nate is a pleasure to deal with and he conducts himself as a true professional.

    I will be sending more INFI to him very soon!

  10. Nate, thanks for the heads up on your blog. The previous testimonials speak volumns for the quality of your work, but let me add my two cents. The RMD that you stripped, satined and sharpened for me is perfection. After I received my knife back from you, I thought “I would like to be able to do this”. Well let me tell you, after hundreds of hours experimenting and practicing different techniques on a Kalamazoo belt sander I haven’t come close to to achieving your beautiful satin finish. The convex edge you put the RMD is the sharpest, mirror polished edge I have seen.

    There are some companies whose products are just about impossible to improve on (Wilson Combat 1911’s, Porsches, and Busse knives, to name a few). You are one of a select few who is able to take a great product and improve it.

    Keep up the great work and best of luck with your blog and business.


  11. I had Nate do some work on a HG55 a while back. The blade came back unbelievable. Lets just say that I have a couple projects in mid for Nate to do.

  12. Nate took care of my used Busse NMSFNO and made it
    look brand new. He enhanced it in every way. Removed
    pesky coat, enhanced blade geometry and sharpened
    new life into it . Nice to know that after his work you
    have a unique knife….I sent him a mass produced knife
    and he sent me back a custom….I am scrambling to find something else to send him.


  13. I’m the proud owner of the Swamp Rat Waki that’s been posted elsewhere on this blog. The best praise I know how to give is that the sword is even more beautiful in person! Plus, the super sharp convex edge makes it a beast for yard work.

    Not much else to say that hasn’t been said by others. Nate is a stand-up guy, great to do business with.

  14. Nate took two rare and sought after blades, which had coatings on them, and he turned them to gold! He stripped and convexed them to a mirror finish. The job was done perfectly, even with him removing and reattaching the handles. I am so happy with his work, I have sent him another blade for a strip to satin and re-edge! You can trust your request will be fulfilled by this gentleman who has incredible skills.


  15. Nate recently did some work on a couple of Busse knives (SAR5 and Active Duty) and the work is absolutely beautiful. The sharpest edges I’ve ever felt, it’s just a matter of time before I’m cut. I’ll definately be sending some more knives to him in the future.

  16. Nate recently did some work on a Busse (skinny) ASH-1 for me.He removed the handles,stripped it & put a satin finish on it all around.He also put a mirror polished full convex (screamin’ sharp!) edge on it.
    Nate does extremely good work at a reasonable price.I’d highly recommend him.

  17. I sent Nate my Swamp Warden for convexing and sharpening. The thing came back hair popping sharp. His price was beyond reasonable. I would trust Nate with my most prized knives. This man is truly a resource that more people should use. I enthusiastically recommend him without reservation.

  18. I recently sent a Busse CG Boss Jack and American VTAC Tomahawk to Nate for a full convex regrind and sharpening. I received the knives back a couple weeks later and boy am I impressed with the results! Upon receving both knives, I immediately did the paper test with both; they slid right through paper no problem. They are no doubt razor sharp! I am EXTREMELY pleased with Nate’s work and WILL NOT hesitate to send him every knife I own, presently and in future, for him to work on! Thank you so much for the top notch work that you do!

  19. A few months back I sent Nate my Ka Bar Becker BK2 from the factory for some mods. I wanted a satin finish, a convex edge, extra sharp, a new sheath and some jimping. He was very busy so I had to wait a little longer than his normal turn around time, but good things come to those who wait. I had previously ordered some kryptoglow scales for it so I was itching to see how she would look after Nate had his way with her. Yes its a her because knives are to be respected and cared for. His attention to detail was spot on. When he says its going to be sharp, its not a joke; you could shave with it! The satin finish was more than I expected and it was polished nicely. No grind marks or any flaws. The jimping was seriously thick, well spaced and added that special something to my knife. After some stainless hardware from Lowes and my scales were attached this knife looked like a dream. How does it work in the field? Like a champ because Nate knows his craft. It process wood like you wouldnt imagine. Its just too bad Ka Bar doesn’t pay attention to such details like Nate! When I have time (eerrr money) I will be sure to send him other knives in the future. Thanks again for such great work.

  20. Just had nate work on my user busse that was all beat up. i had him give it a satin finish , give it a convex edge and sand the handles down some as well as round the spine. The knife i got back was a completely different knife than what i sent in, he really made the knife mine. The edge he put on is screaming sharp , its probably the sharpest edge ive had on a piece of steel. The satin finish was flawless and the spine was so pretty, there was a large tooling mark that was under the coating where the busse crew cut it out by hand , it being an older model and that being how things were done in that day. I really wasnt expecting nate to be able to make the spine look as perfect as it does , you can not tell there was anything there it s so smooth and well crafted. Nate’s work is suberb , thank you sir.

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