A Few Knives for Sale

These 3 knives I will be putting up for sale on Bladeforums in 2 days. I wanted to put them up here first for subscribers and visitors. This is also the first of one of my special discounts for subscriber deals. Subscribers may take $15 off the price listed below. In order to purchase one or all of these knives in the next 2 days you must either be a subscriber or visitor of my site. You are wlecome to tell your friends but please no dealers. If you would like one of these knives all you have to do is hit the contact button at the top of the page or add a comment below saying “Ill take it”  and let me know which you would like.

This Swamp Rat Ratmandu is my personal knife that I fully convexed and gave a zero edge modification. I hate to sell it but I am going to buy some new equipment and everything must go. It was a user but I just gave it a spa treatment and it is good as new.

The Busse Cultellus was a salmon roe knife for a few years and therefore has a slight pinkish tint to the micarta handles. I cleaned it up pretty good and it is super sharp. It comes with a tan kydex sheath from an unknown sheathmaker.

The Busse Fat Gamewarden is new and sports a zero convex edge. This fatty can cut. It comes with an OD Kydex sheath from Steelnut.

Swamp Rat Ratmandu – $200 SOLD

Busse Cultellus with Tan Kydex Sheath and zero convex edge – $215 SOLD

Busse Fat Gamewarden with Green Kydex Sheath and zero convex edge – $220 SOLD


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